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With all the attention of natural fibres, hand made items, going green and supporting local artisans, I’m surprised that I see so few shawls and pretty handmade scarves.

Even in the Americana Mecca of Nashville, and my trips there do I rarely see any shawl, or hand created fibre accessory.

This confuses me.

I know that the knitters and their hand knit shawls and scarves are out there.

Are they hiding somewhere?

Pretty yarn, beautiful patterns and exquisite knitting needles sell out quickly at specialty shops. I know because I can’t find them when I need them.

In retrospect, shawls, for the most part can be awkward. They slip off the shoulders, tend to hang unevenly and need continual readjustment.

Maybe this is the explanation as to why I never see them.

I hope that people know that there is a secret to wearing this and other extraordinary items.

In time, one learns to become one with the shawl. In time you even forget about the shawl as you are no longer under its control but rather, you control it.

The same can be said of writing.

Now, let’s expand the list even more.

Let’s add: Yellow dresses, elaborate earrings, bright lipstick, tattoos, shorts.

Okay, one more step is needed…


The same can be even said about life.

A lot of time is spent fussing and fidgeting over what seems non-essential minutiae.

From this, lessons are learned which result in an even more gloriously hand spun web of reality and fantasy about how we see ourselves and others.

You, yourself…

…Choose what you see in yourself, your writing, your creations, your style, and individuality.

Choose wisely…

Choose you.