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My grandfather would have loved blogging

In fact there is no doubt in my mind that had the internet been around in his day, he would’ve had one of the biggest Bible study blogging sites on social media.

I know this because he was a prolific notetaker. Further, he had journals for every day, week, month and year since the 1930’s.

And I know this to be true because I am the one who now has them stacked up and overflowing in my bookcases.

In the course of writing weekly sermons for his Baptist congregations, at least three times a day he would take his place behind a large wooden desk. Then he would open his journals and Bible and then proceed to read and write and write and read.

Even after he retired, he continued his Bible studies and shared his insights as an invited guest speaker at churches.

I didn’t quite get it when I was a little girl.

Now I get it.

The fortunate thing is that he had so many journals and note books.

However, unfortunately his vast collection of notes are unreadable, they are written by hand in German, Croatian, Portuguese…

Anything but English.

I know that things happen for reason.

Maybe the notes are not for me to read.

The joy I get as I brush my fingers over the pages which held his concentration is a blessing beyond any words that a legible page of scripted ink can offer.

I don’t really have to know what written words mean, because I know how the story will ultimately end.

It’s a good ending.

And how do I know this?

It’s something my Grandfather taught me.

It’s called faith.