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Amid my ever shrinking attention span

I’ve got to concentrate

At least while I can

Because I may not be lucid come morning

Please God keep me thinking clear one more day

Because I can hear growing voices say

As my senses grow dimmer…

Hush now baby don’t you cry

We’re going to song you a lullabye

That will slowly turn your mind into mush

Life beats down those who choose

To close their eyes and then take a snooze

It’s game over when your mind turns to mush…

Life’s a finite game plan with a one minute warning

When the last call comes the shriek is alarming

I heard the plate crack as it ran away with the spoon

While my mind is still nimble

It’s no longer quick

And it’s years since I’ve cleared that candlestick

But I can still get lost in it’s glow…

Humpy Dumpty’s fallen and I’m all alone

His shell is in pieces and my minds totally blown

How does one put life together again

My cell phone rang and when I took the call

A voice said get Cinderella to the ball

Her fairy godmother’s still sleeping…

Jack and Jill went up that hill

To fetch some water to take their pills

What was it that I was just thinking?

There’s not much anyone can do

When age and vice catch up with you

There’s no such thing as pretty maids in all in a row…

Life is really one hell of a dance

You’ve got to kick up your heels

While you still get a chance or

Ashes to ashes

And we all fall down…