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Don’t like small minded people
And the baggage that they bear
Whiney little voices
Whiney little cares
They’ve got their small agendas
Piggly and wrong
Wish they’d pack up their bags
Move it out
Moved it on…

Don’t have no time to listen
Got so much to do
The world is up in arms
The economy is screwed
My heart is on a mission
My mind is on a plan
So if you will excuse me
Going to do what I can…

Oh Lord
Give me the words to say
To turn these people
From their evil ways…

Satan get behind me

Know a little woman
She wears them size zero jeans
Flirts with all the guys
Gets them horny and mean
When she’s the center of attention
She thinks her life’s a blast
Believe me when I tell you
She’s a pain in the ass…

Just cleaned out my mailbox and let me tell you it’s full
With criminals like Walmart
What a bunch of bull
They outsource all the workers
They send their business south
That crap always gives me a bad taste in my mouth…

Oh Lord
Give me words to say
To turn these vipers
From their wicked ways…

Satan get behind me

The world is full of money grabbers
They’re all on the take
Screwing the workers
Polluting the lakes
Don’t need their petty bullshit about beating the Jones
It’s time you get a life
It’s time you get gone…

Oh Lord
Show us the way
To turn this world
From it’s evil ways

Satan get behind me
Satan get behind me
Satan get behind me