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It hardly seems like like twenty years
When we packed up the kids
And put the car in gear
And drove for twenty-four hours
To do the Disney thing…

And I’ve got to say those times were the best
But times have changed
Now that they’ve left the nest
It’s nice for hubby and me to be a twosome again

Like I said before the kids are now grown
So now whenever we leave home
We still have two small fry
And they got four legs and a tail…

There’s Sweet Miss Sophie and she’s a Shi-Poo
She likes to hide the toys
From Bobby “Little Man” Shih-tzu
It’s a match made in heaven
And they’re quite a pair…

So now when we travel away from home
The dogs ride in the back
Boy, they hate being there alone
And you know, they always kick up a noisy fuss…

So they both make the leap and then sit on my lap
Then they settle down and take a long nap
Next thing you know
They’re snoring in my ears…

They’re favourite part is when we stop to eat
Because they know that then they’re in for a treat
Then they get a walk in the tall grass
And have a long pee…

But they’ve got to have ketchup on their french fry
And if you don’t put out they’ll whimper and cry
They’ll act like their dear lives
Have been put on the line…

That’s way it is
That’s the way it goes
When you travel with critters with cold black noses
Lord, they take up the bed and then sleep like a log…

But to tell you the truth it’s really okay
And we just wouldn’t have it any other way
Because we really love traveling the highway
With our two dogs…