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Tony Martino owned a pizzeria
It was called Papa’s Trattoria
The food was fine
The atmosphere was good
And the hot spot in our neighbourhood…

Got a job there as soon as I was able
Washing dishes and bussing dirty tables
Then when I was in college
Tony said:
“Joe, how would you like to make the pizza dough…”

First, I had to get pretty good
Working with an oven filled with wood
When I aced that, Tony finally said to me:
“It’s time to learn my secret recipe…”

And so from scratch I learned to mix the flour
With the yeast, then let it rise for an hour
The test was if a knife went through like butter
With the aid of Tony’s precious pizza cutter…

But Tony had his funny ways
Like when he always use to say:
“You better watch out if you ever toucha
My Nonno’s old and precious pizza cutter…”

The girls came from all over town
To watch me spin the dough and throw it down
But I didn’t have much time to date you see
While I studied for my business degree…

And it didn’t take me long
To learn the words of some Italian songs
They loved to watch me toss the dough up high
As I sung Volare making their pizza pie…

When I graduated, the very next day
Poor old Tony went and passed away
Soon after that I got a package from Tony
Given to me by his grieving family…

Perhaps you know what was inside
When I saw the pizza cutter how I cried
I promised Tony in heaven I’d make him proud
By serving the best pizza the world round…

Years later I now can proudly say
My pizza business grows with every day
I’ve a chain of pizzerias doing swell
And Tony’s pizza cutter has served me well…

Now, I’ve got nice house and growing family
And I’m grateful for all that Tony did for me
All in all, my life really isn’t badda
As people in this world get a little fatter…