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Many years ago I watched an interview with Jim Croce, and the experience he shared has always stayed with me.

I remember this interview every time I find myself brainstorming for a new idea to write about.

Some of you will remember Jim Croce as the phenomenal singer songwriter who came to our attention in the early 1970’s.

I remember his songs and will never forget them.

How could one, with songs like; Time In A Bottle, Bad Bad Leroy Brown, I’ll Have To Say I Love You In Song, Operator, Lover’s Cross, and the list goes on.

The sad ending of his life and the others with him, involved a tragic plane crash in Louisiana in 1973.

In my lifetime, I will never see such a blazing rising star so quickly extinguished in such a devastating loss.

And what of the songs that might have been?

In the interview I referred to above, Jim Croce remembers visiting a bar one night.

The bartender, he noticed was a totally bald man.

Being bald then, was not as nearly popular as it is now.

As the night wore on Jim eventually felt comfortable enough to refer to his bartender’s bald head.

The bartender’s response to Jim Croce’s comment was:

“I’m not bald, I just have more face to wash.”

Jim laughed at his bartender’s self revelation, and then ended the discussion by making the following point:

“This guy doesn’t belong in the line of the song…”

“Man, HE IS A SONG.”

The lesson that I learned from this was in the observation of life, one must never overlook, diminish or negate who or what is directly in front of them.

Thank you Jim Croce for the love, the words, and the inspiration.

Be forever rest assured that your music made this world a better place.