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“What a lovely charm bracelet,” my coworker said to me at work one day.

It was a pretty bracelet. I had bought it in Italy for only five euros. The reason it had caught my eye was because of the multitude of silver dangling ‘doggie-bone’ charms.

Consisting of pretty blue beads made of Marino glass and silver beads it was big and bold. What I liked best about the bracelet was that it looked fun, and the dog bone charms would make for excellent conversation starters.

“You know my sister had a charm bracelet,” he continued.

Stopping what I was doing, I gave him my full attention.

“Yes, it was way back when we were still quite young,” he said as he continued to admire my bracelet.

“My sister’s bracelet was so filled with charms that it weighed a ton.”

“And do you know what?” he added…

“…She knew where she got every single one of those charms… and let me tell you, her bracelet had more charms than any bracelet I ever saw.”

“Nice,” I replied.

“She could even tell you where each charm came from and who gave it to her.”

“That’s pretty incredible,” I told him.

“Yes, but there was one charm that she had no idea where it came from… not a clue.”


“Yes, for years she racked her brain, but she just couldn’t remember who gave it to her.

“What did the charm look like?” I asked intrigued.

“It was a lovely rose coloured heart shaped charm,” he said.

“What was really interesting,” he continued, “were the two words that were engraved on the heart.”

“What were the two words?” I asked him.

He looked at me and answered:

“Remember Me…”