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Several years back while driving to work I listened to a short commentary by American radio broadcaster Paul Harvey. He was best known for his famous radio segments called “The Rest Of The Story” which was fortunately carried by Canadian radio stations.

When I was very young I had the good fortune to see Paul Harvey speak in person.

He appeared as a guest speaker at Toronto’s ‘People’s Church’.

His appearance at the church became quite the controversy when during the service it was established that he was not a secular Christian.

In his defence, he never claimed to be one to begin with.

But I digress…

Back to my car and my drive into work:

One day, as I listened on the radio Paul Harvey had an exceptional tale to tell.

He told the story of a young woman who was born in 1900.

Fiercely independent, she insisted on working outside of the home.

This continued until she unfortunately severely injured her leg and was unable to work for several years.

As Paul Harvey describes it, this woman became very bored while convalescing at home.

Housebound and with limited mobility, she one day took a long look around her home and noticed that she had accumulated hundreds of small scraps of paper which were strewn all around her house.

They were everywhere. There were bits of paper stuffed in books, inside drawers, vases, cupboards, anywhere you could possibly imagine.

She had hand written on each slip of paper a story of some kind.

These were stories that she had heard throughout her years. Some stories came from family members and some came from friends. Some stories were experiences that she herself had. There were stories that she had read in the newspaper while others were considered local legends.

Any story that she found remotely interesting would be jot down on a piece of paper and saved for later use.

As history would have it, the time eventually came for her to put all these stories to good use.

The name of this woman was Margaret Mitchell.

It took her several years to skillfully put all these stories together into a book which became very popular. In turn, this book then led to one of the greatest motion pictures of all time.

Perhaps you’ve heard of this book.

It was called…

Gone With The Wind.

And so, how many slips of paper have you got hidden around your home?

Like Margaret, I have accumulated quite the collection…

And her story has given me hope.