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It was many years ago
That my sister gave to me
A sweet golden retriever
Who they had called Bailey…

She loved to be outside
And watch the children as they played
Her favourite toy of all
Were all the bubbles that they made…

I told her…

Don’t bark at the bubbles
They’re only air you see
Save it for the strangers
And the cats on our TV…

Don’t bark at the bubbles
You’re making too much noise
Save it up for Sophie-Dog
For when she steals your toys.

For eight good years we loved her
And her silly little ways
And so she loved us back
We shared many happy days…

Years later came the day
When we had to say goodbye
I gently kissed your forehead
and I couldn’t help but cry.

She whispered…

Don’t cry at my troubles
I need to be set free
Think instead of bubbles
And how happy they made me…

Don’t cry for my troubles
Don’t let me make you sad
Remember my snow angels
And all the fun I had.

It’s years now now since she left us
I miss having her around
We now have little Bobby
Who we adopted from the pound

I always try to think of her
When I see floating bubbles
And remember how she taught me
On how to bravely face my troubles…

I try not to bark at troubles
Its a waste of air you see
I save it for the play fights
With dogs Sophie and Bobby…

I don’t bark at my troubles
It makes a lot of noise
I save it for the dogs
For when they try to steal my toys…