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Once upon a time on a busy street not so far away from here, there stood an ominous purple building strangely out of place among the shops, houses, churches and schools of our community.

Consisting of two stories, the bottom floor of this building had no windows. However, through one of the dirty second floor windows there was a sign advertising…




The ground outside the heavy front door was continually littered with empty bottles and cigarette butts.

Little children walking by this building on their way to school would ask their Mothers why the men loitering in the doorway were staring at them. These children were summarily silenced and urged to quicken their pace while Mother kept her eyes to the ground lest they look up and see the unwavering eyes boldly following them.

From time to time, this building would change colour. In ten years, it had gone from brown to pink, to orange, then to purple.

And then all of a sudden, one day the building was gone. All that remained was a small heap of grey concrete rubble.

Within a few days, a sign was put up on the empty lot stating that Habitat For Humanity was about to begin work on a new home.

In only two weeks time, the frame was up and after a month, the house was completed. Within a week, there were curtains hanging in the front window, and beneath this same window a bed of flowers quickly appeared.

The transformation of the above described business establishment into a new family abode was nothing short of magical with a great deal of work, cooperation, goodwill, and donations all made possible by Habitat For Humanity.

And on a final note, no longer are there empty bottles and cigarette butts littered around the front door…

…only small bicycles and children’s toys.

Thank you Habitat for Humanity.

Our city is grateful.