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My Father started working at the post office in 1971.

I began working there in 1988.

Before I began to work at Canada Post my children were very young.

Father and I would often go out shopping about town with his Grandchildren in tow.

Of course, while combing through the streets and shops pushing around the baby buggies, we never failed to meet up with his various friends and coworkers.

What I didn’t quite understand was his comment that followed every time he introduced the Grandchildren to his friends.

He would always say to his friends:

“There is nothing harder than becoming a Grandfather!”

Eventually I took it upon myself to ask him what he meant by this strange statement.

For the life of me I could not think of anything hard about becoming a Grandfather.

And so finally I asked my Father the following question:

“Why do you always tell people that there’s nothing harder than becoming a Grandfather?”

With a cold and steely glare, he looked me straight in the eye and said:


…I had to raise you first, didn’t I?”