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“Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it.” ~ Anne of Green Gables

My daughter likes to quote that saying a lot.

The reason for this is no doubt because she knows it annoys me so much.

Mistakes are inevitable with me because I am truly flawed. My goal is to keep them to a minimum and learn from them when I can.

For my friends who get stressed over their mistakes, I relate the following true story:

Oppenheimer & Einstein developed the first nuclear bomb together without ever having met.

It was at last decided that a historical meeting would finally be arranged and only one photographer would be allowed to document the event. This photographer was best known from his work at Life magazine and was considered at the top of his field.

This meeting did not last long and was quickly over.

Oppenheimer and Einstein would never meet again.

The photographer went back to his lab to develop the pictures for the blockbuster news story.

Imagine his utter disappointment when he realized that he had neglected to remove the lens cap cover.

So, with that in mind, I refuse to be daunted by my future mistakes…

Bring it on…