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One never knows how a story will present itself or when.

Case in point:

It was not that long ago when I was relating to a friend a story about my Grandfather, who was a tailor by trade until he was called into the ministry.

Grandfather had a flair for good humoured drama as demonstrated by one of his favourite Charlton Heston quotes from the movie ‘The Ten Commandments.’

He also had a talent for making up little jingles and verses.

One of his favourite rhymes went like this:

(Oh… If only I could hear him bellow this out like he had when I was a child)

“Let my people go…

…Dann sind wir alle froh!”

Unfortunately the humorous German punchline does not translate all that well into English.

But let me take a shot at it anyway:

“Let my people go…
Then let the good times roll!”

(Actually, that turned out pretty good.)

So now, on with my story:

After I had finished explaining my grandfathers penchant for talking in rhyme using the above example my friend utterly floored me with his response:

“Gee, your Grandfather was the world’s first rap artist.”

I was completely undone with his wonderful and witty insight.

Long story short…

You cannot imagine how much this truthful iconic statement will be a continual source of joyful warm fuzzy giggles until the end of my days.

Unless of course, you’re one of my dear cousins.

In that case of course…

I hope my friend’s insight brings you the same joy as well.