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I’m not one to say that I believe in ghosts.

However, I do believe in serendipity and the power of a good story.

I enjoy digging through my experiences in search of hidden analogies with the same passion that a pirate seeks his treasure.

Whereas a pirate’s treasure consists of gold silver and jewels, my treasure trove is more metaphysical in nature.

I seek redemption, revelation, and epiphanies.

When my Grandfather died, as we drove home after the memorial service I sat in the car and stared out into the night trying to grab onto a thought that would bring me peace and strength.

Imagine my surprise as we drove by a hospital with its Christmas lights still on, proclaiming the words:


They were ablaze in white light over the hospital portico.

At last, I found solace in the memory that “Peace On Earth” had been one of my Grandfather’s favourite tag lines which he often used to punctuate a significant moment in family life.

That being said, let’s fast forward to now.

This week marks the six month since my Mother’s passing.

Once again I found myself searching for something which would help heal the pain of losing her.

It came in the form of her watch, which is the first timepiece I’ve worn in thirty years.

I found her stoic and austere black watch highly amusing because of it’s vast contrast to my Mother’s gregarious and flamboyant nature.

Indeed, trying to reconcile as to why my Mother would choose to wear such a Spartinian timepiece has continued to be a pleasant muse for me.

Last weekend marked the seasonal “Fall Back” an hour in observance to daylight savings time.

I had resisted resetting the watch, preferring to leave it as Mother had set it last while she was still alive.

When the clocks moved back an hour I was forced to manually set it back, which consisted of first pressing down on the crown in an effort to gain control of the watch hands.

As I did so, imagine my pleasant surprise when suddenly Mother’s somber watch became alive with a beautiful green glow.

Up until that point in time, I had never seen her watch shine.

And green had always been her favourite colour too.

Somehow, I found joy, peace and strength in that very moment.

Which leads me to this:

There are those continually seek a state of grace.

And then there are those who know that they already are in a perpetual state of grace.