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One of our families favourite television shows is BBC’s Top Gear.

The greatest of this show’s features are when the three hosts are subjected to gruelling car races through dense jungles, unforgiving deserts and all other sorts of incredibly difficult terrain.

If anyone’s car is breaks down and is thus rendered useless, they are automatically defaulted to drive the…

‘Car of Shame…’

A car so disgusting and awful that no one would want to be seen near it let alone drive it.

So, where am I going with this, you might be asking yourself?

Only that this gave my husband the wonderful idea to try the same ploy on his own family.

This idea came to him after experiencing frustration whenever he went to his desk drawer to retrieve his apple ear buds.

Of course, they were never there.

They were just too handy for the rest of the family whenever someone broke or could not find their own apple earbuds.

So what did he do?

He bought a pair of the ugliest ear buds he could find.

The earbuds had what looked like bright neon yellow gum pieces glued to them.

If you were to insert them into your ears, you would look like you had gum sticking out of them.

Embarrassing to say the least.

And that is why his plan was so brilliant:

Because they continue to sit brand new and unused to this very day.

And of course he’s giddy with delight that he’s never had to buy another pair of Apple ear buds again.

There have been times when out of desperation, we open the dreaded desk drawer to reconsider using them, but inevitably we close the drawer with the earbuds still inside.

Instead, we would find ourselves at the computer store picking up yet another pair of Apple ear buds.

The shame of others seeing you listening to your tunes with gum bright neon yellow pieces of gum sticking out of your ears is just not worth it.

Yes, they are that ugly.

End of story.

Thanks for reading.