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My first memories of colours, candy, and candy colours were the lollipops that were dispensed by my doctor after every visit.

I was a very young four years old when my doctor would always ask after each visit:

“And what colour of lollipop would you like?”

I was so young at that time I had not yet learned about colours and their different names.

Getting no answer, the doctor then assuming that I had no preference always went to the default colour…


Obviously, everyone went for the red and the purple ones.

Hence, there was always an over abundance of green lollipops in his lollipop bowl.

Little did he know that I didn’t care for green lollipops.

I had absolutely had my fill of them.

All I ever got was green lollipops.

And finally one day at nursery school I finally began to understand what the word “colour” was all about.

I even learned the name of a color and save this epiphany for my next trip to the doctor.

At long last game the day when once again took me for a visit to the doctor.

I eagerly waited for the moment he would ask me what color of lollipop I would like to have.

When he finally held the bowl out to me he asked what color lollipop I would like,

I looked into his eyes and said…


It’s hard to describe how utterly heartbroken I was when I was handed yet another green lollipop.

“And what do you say for the lollipop?”

Mother asked me as I took the ugly green lollipop from the doctor…

“Thank you,” I said trying to muster a smile.

1st life lesson learned by me in 1963 as my Mother drove me home while I enjoyed my green lollipop:

What’s the big deal about adults and colour?

… Because even green lollipops can taste wonderful.