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*Guest Blog Post*

Today, I am happy to offer my readers something a little bit different.

In response to one of my blog posts, PANTYHOSE 101, a reader took the time to write an excellent response detailing his struggles with his ongoing leg problems, or more specifically varicose veins.

In keeping with yesterday’s post A LESSON A DAY…

I have decided to post his response and his struggles with varicose veins in hopes that it will educated and help spread awareness over the bias perception regarding men and pantyhose.

I’d like to thank my guest blogger for sharing his experiences with me, and I am grateful to have been made aware that women are not alone when it comes to health problems that stem from poor leg circulation.

Please read and learn:


I wish back in the 70’s they would of introduced support pantyhose for men.

This year I finally gave in to my wife and went to a doctor that specializing in varicose veins.

There is a operation that is slightly dangerous and not always successful. The operation was not recommended for me so it’s either Thigh High stockings or panty hose.

If I had worn these earlier in my life I could have avoided most of my leg problems. I never had anyone to show me the proper way to put on pantyhose so I practiced on my own using pantyhose that I got cheap from from the Salvation Army.

When I finally thought I had putting on pantyhose down to an art I put on the rubber gloves they told me I would need and prepared to put on my medical compression hosiery.

Now there is a huge difference for those that have never wore compression pantyhose because these are nothing like putting on your regular drug store brand of pantyhose.

I fought for 45 minutes to wrestle these things on and at times I was ready to give up. I seldom see women wearing pantyhose so I take it that like my wife most don’t like to wear them but I must admit they do help me.

The gal at the vein clinic wears the same Sagvaris pantyhose that I now wear and she does not have any issues with her legs but for her it’s a way of preventing problems in the future.

I have 100% insurance coverage because these were prescribed by a doctor but my company is arguing that Sigvaris does not make pantyhose for men so I may be out my $200.

Your mother was very special with teaching you on how to properly put on pantyhose and later introducing you to support hose for healthy legs.

It’s not easy for me to accept that I must wear pantyhose when the society does not except men wearing women’s hosiery.

So men will suffer leg problems down the road because guys are too moncho to wear women’s support hosiery.