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In high school, I belonged to a band. The musical instrument I chose to play was the oboe.

Why the oboe?

I chose it because my father and I had once discussed the oboe.

I had asked him what it was, and he kindly tried to imitate it for me.

He rendered such a humorous melody that we both laughed when his concertina for one had ended.

It still remains a very pleasant memory for me.

And so, I chose the oboe.

An oboe is a single reed instrument.

If you are curious about how it sounds, try to imagine the instrument that a snake charmer would play.

And that is how an oboe sounds.

I’ll never forget the time during band practice when my music teacher, Mr Ingles told us, that if we truly have a passion for something, we should strive to learn something new about it each day.

Of course, this could apply to anything:

Loved ones,

His advice has stayed with me and I have done my best to adhere to it.

Of course, some days are better than others.

Most daily lessons are relevant, others not so much.

The lesson does not have to be life altering, but rather mindfully noted and mused upon and be grateful for until the next lesson comes along.

Yes, I think it’s safe for me to say, that on most of the days of my life, I have acquired something new for me to ponder and peruse.

Whether I was able to remember the daily lesson or not is of course an entirely different matter.