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Upon returning home from our first trip to Italy in 2008, Frank and I had taken a total of almost 4,500 pictures.

On our second trip we took even more.

Yet, there were still photo opportunities that I missed.

Looking back, I wish I had taken more pictures of our hotel room.

Like the armoire for example.

It is still ridiculous how the hotel expected two people’s worth of luggage to keep their clothes neat and clean in a space designed for one traveller.

There were only five hangers.

Remember, there were three of us, which added up to nine pieces of luggage:

Three large suitcases with the capacity of forty kilos each..

Three carry-on bags…

Three shoulder bags.

Further, there was not a single chest drawer in the room, including the desk by the window.

Also, I wish I had taken a picture of the lovely recessed bay window in the bathroom. Because it was there that we hid our growing pile of laundry behind the curtain from the maid.

We covered it with a towel of course.

And how could I miss taking a picture of the elevators, which seemed designed only for two people.

There is no way that you can not be in this elevator with someone else and not have them invade your personal space.

Of course, if there’s anyplace in this world that exemplifies the joys of getting up close and personal…

There’s no place like Rome!