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Saturday, December 8th 2012

Sleep did not come too soon on our last night in Rome. I remember waking three times. The first was to make a quick trip to bathroom, where I found Jen passed out on the bathroom floor.

Don’t ask…

Second time was when Frank got up to see what time it was… It was one thirty, he said before clicking the lights back off, and leaving the room in the quiet Roman darkness.
It was obvious that we were all on edge over what was about to transpire over the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

When I finally awoke, Frank was already up and out of bed. It was 6:15 a.m.


It was time to get this party started.

I let Jen sleep a little longer because, if I’ve learned anything from this trip, it’s that Jen can be ready and out the door in fifteen minutes, unlike her mother.

I was grateful that we had packed the day before. However there were a few too many puzzle pieces left over, and they needed to be dealt with immediately.

There were many items that we had mutually would remain behind. The blow dryer, butane curling iron, three umbrellas, coffee pot, unopened bag of potato chips, the rest of the hair products. And the last of my obsession cologne. It told me that it wanted to move on, and was hoping to land in the purse a deserving señorita.

Jen did at the last minute, pull out an unopened bag of Italian cookies out of nowhere, and stuffed them into her purse before anyone could say anything. Well, at least they were unopened when we left the hotel. They have since been snacked on while waiting to board the plane in Rome.

Further addendum:

While reading this over my shoulder in the plane towards London, Jen guiltily whispered in my ear that she did in fact include the blow dryer after all in her luggage stating that she needed one for home.

I immediately had visions of a great explosion and a doomed aircraft, because my daughter was lacking a blow dryer at home.

Well… Live and learn.


I wasn’t one bit surprised.

We were in a lot of trouble.