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When most of us think of scaffolding we think of the unsightly structures that are used to support people and materials in constructions areas.

In my lifetime I have seen more than enough ugly scaffolding and would be quite happy never to see it again.

However, reality dictates otherwise.

There is perpetual need for scaffolding as buildings, bridges, and monuments age and need repair.

There is no place that you will see more scaffolding than in an ancient city where frantic construction is taking place to save crumbling buildings and structures that are thousands of years old.

Imagine my pleasant surprise when I learned that scaffolding didn’t have to be ugly anymore.


In fact, in Rome it is all to easy to walk by a building and not even notice that it is under construction.


Imaginative engineers have even come up with what can be considered as nothing less than ‘sexy’ scaffolding.

Believe it or not but this high tech scaffolding has even become a medium for business advertising.


My Father always told me that those who can ‘build a better mousetrap’ are those who will become rich beyond the dreams of avarice.

Well, by the looks of these incredible new forms of scaffolding, someone has become very rich indeed…

…and rightfully so.