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After we left the cafe, we met up with Sally and Kelly who were our travel-mates on the bus today. Coincidentally, we first met them on our tour bus trip to Florence. We had told them on that day that we had also booked this day trip to Tivoli.

Seeing as they had a day to spare, they came and joined us.

While Jen and I were scourging through the local shops and Frank was having a nice sit down at the cafe, they ventured off the tourist beaten path…

They told us that they had decided to be more adventurous and try to get away from the touristy area.

It paid off for them in several positive ways.

Allow me to explain…

Most of us know from experience that the further you veer from the city centre, the cheaper the prices get.
This goes for automobile gasoline, meals, souvenirs and yes, even coffee.

Where Frank, Jen and I paid three euros for each of our espresso coffees, Sally and Kelly only paid one euro for each of theirs.

Now, the second perk for them was what they had found and purchased in a store that they had encountered along the way.

This item was contained inside a plastic bag that Sally was proudly holding in one of her hands.

“We finally got us a calendar of something other than mountains,” Kelly announced to us in almost breathless gasps…

I had to stop and think for a few seconds as to why this would be of such significance to them.

As it turns out, they had told us that they lived in Banff Alberta.

Banff, Alberta known for some of the worlds loveliest vistas of mountains.

Let me repeat that to you again:

Sally and Kelly lived in BANFF Alberta.

That means that they live within sight of one of the world’s best skylines.

They see it every day.

Chances are slim that I will ever see this regal mountain setting in my lifetime. Further, it’s quite understandable that they consider it’s beauty ‘old hat’ …if you’ll pardon the cliche.

And so, with the greatest glee, she showed us her new wall calendar of Tivoli.


No longer will they have to look at her boring Banff Wall Calander…

… Because she had grown tired of the beauteous Banff Mountains.

In retrospect, I’m very sure that there is an important lesson to be learned here from Sally, Kelly and their new wall calander.

I just can’t figure out what it is.