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After saying goodbye to Hadrian’s Villa we boarded the bus and started the descent up the mountain road that would take us into the town of Tivoli.

When the bus could take us no further, we left the bus behind to venture through the narrow streets.

It was easy to sense what it would have been like to walk these streets six hundred years ago.


According to my sources, the Famous Gardens of Tivoli are built on Villa d’Este and were built in then1550’s for a very wealthy Cardinal Ippolito d’Este who happened to be the son of the infamous Lucretia Borgia.

The Cardinal wanted very badly to become pope.

When he finally realized that he would never go to Rome, he decided to being Rome to his estate.


Even though eighty percent of the structures have been lost to time, the elaborate gardens he designed along with the majority of the world’s best known fountains still remain.

Of course, when we were there, there were no active fountains to behold, only quiet trails and elaborate masonry which were overgrown yet wildly beautiful.

I even found some orange and lemon trees.


They were so beautiful sitting plump and perfect in their Renaissance setting.

The Gardens are built into the side of a mountain, so there are many layers to explore. You could easily get lost depending on how much time you have to explore.


Our tour group,was given about 2 hours to explore the gardens, or we could spend that time taking a look around the town of Tivoli.

Jen poking around both inside and outside the Palace

Since Jennifer’s mobility was an issue in regards to her ankle, stair climbing had to be kept to a minimum. And so we poked around the top two palatial levels, both inside and outside the palace before deciding to leave the garden grounds and stroll the city streets.


Actually, Frank was the one who would be strolling the city streets.

Jen and I would be making a bee-line for the neighbourhood shops almost adjacent to the gardens.

Somewhere inside those shops, there were pretty little shiny baubles calling our names.

We could hear them calling out to us.

And Jen and I were determined to find them.