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We were in the early planning stages of our impending trip to Italy when Frank first mentioned that he wanted to take a day trip to visit Tivoli Gardens.

My reaction was… 


“You want to go and tour a garden in Italy…

…In late fall?”

“Besides, you never visit gardens…”

The discussion didn’t end there:

“What is the point in seeing gardens in the winter when everything will be dead?” I asked him.

I envisioned barren trees and shrubs devoid of life.

Empty gardens filled with dried fallen leaves.

It sounded so depressing.

He gave me the courtesy of thinking it over for a day.

However, in the end, he remained adamant.

Further, he not only wanted to visit Tivoli Gardens, but Emperor Hadrian’s Villa as well.

They were both featured on a half day trip.

I agreed and resigned myself to this four hour day trip. At least the whole day won’t be wasted.

Looking back now, I was never more wrong in my life.

The time we spent at Hadrien’s Villa and Tivoli Gardens were the most magical moments of our whole trip.

Once I got there…

…..I didn’t want to leave!