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At first glance, the great Circus Maximus looks like a plain open field, and quite ordinary.

But after a few moments, the truth about it begins to emerge and the inside of your mind begins to transform it into what it was in the ancient world…

The well known chariot racing ground.

I remember it best from the movie Ben Hur… that’s the way that I see it in my mind’s eye.

It was a holiday tradition, every Easter for our family to watch Ben Hurr.

But that was so very long ago.

Unfortunately, it was quite cold outside when we visited Circus Maximus. that’s probably why there are very few people milling around this rutted out field which is actually larger than I imagined it.


Now, it is a great green field in the middle of a bustling city, people bring their dogs here for a romp.

Indeed, we must have seen at least six pet owners walking one, two, even three dogs.
As they cross paths the pooches exchange sniffs, make friends then proceed to play.

It seems a really nice way to meet new people.

Besides that, I love the wide open space of it all.

It’s a nice getaway from the never ending calvacade of motorcars and Vespas.

The air is cleaner, and fresher without the toxic exhaust fumes that cannot be escaped. The narrow streets are always choked with fumes from the motor vehicles.

Currently, Jen and I are both bundled in warm black fleece jackets and buried under cowls.

Frank is proving to be quite the contrast by stoically refusing to wear a jacket.

Looking back, perhaps he did that to make the experience more real.

More austere.

Dear Frank:

You must really love Rome.