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After we finished our shopping we found Frank exactly where we had left him, sipping his expresso at the same sidewalk cafe.

He was on his third cup.

“Back already?” he asked us.

“What do you mean, back already? We were gone for almost an hour,” I answered.

As it turns out, Frank was having the time of his life, sitting at a little sidewalk cafe being waited on hand and foot.

“I never had so much fun! I was just siting back and enjoying myself,” he told us as he got up to leave.

And I believe him.

Time and again since then, he has told me how much he enjoyed the atmosphere, the people watching, the excellent coffee…

….and the peace and quiet.

And here Jen and I thought he would be fretting and anxiously waiting to leave by the time we made our way back to his table.

I was never happier to have been so wrong.

And where did we go next you ask?