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After spending about an hour treasure hunting around Campo de’ Fiori, I thought we’d better get back to Frank before he we lose him.

We had left him sitting at a cafe contentedly sipping expresso, as Jen and I went window shopping.

We had wandered off the beaten track several times as I was looking for a restaurant that had been featured in Rick Steves travel segment “Barroque After Dark.”


It was a restaurant that served battered cod fillets served with anchovies and a Roman house salad. Frank and I looked forward to dining there.

The restaurant is called ‘Filetti di Baccala’.


On our first visit to Campo de’ Fiori in 2008 we had gotten there way to early in the afternoon, and learned that they would not be open until the dinner hour.

Them’s the breaks.

Although Frank and I had found it with little problem four years ago, this time I just could not get my bearings enough to find it.

Just as well, because like before, it was probably closed and would not open till later on in the day.

Maybe we’ll have better luck on our next trip to Italy…

As for my treasure hunting, I bought a few hair clips, and a bracelet.

Then, to our delight, we came across a store which featured what Jen and I call…

“Jesus Is With You Bracelets.”

These are attractive stretchy bracelets adorned with beads featuring Catholic Saints and icons.

We once found some at home, and enjoyed wearing them.

I sent her inside to buy one.

She came out with five.

Looking back, we really should have bought them all because they were the souvenir of choice among my friends and coworkers.

As for Jen’s treasure hunting, she scored big time when she purchased a red, hand knit, fair isle sweater for her She-Poo dog, Miss Sophie.

This of course would make her dog the most well dressed canine on our street back at home. After all, how many dogs do you know who have an authentic hand knit sweater straight from Campo de’ Fiori?

Heck, even I don’t have a single sweater from Italy.

Purses yes…

Sweaters from Campo de’ Fiori…


It’s a startling reality check when you are faced with the fact that your family dog has a better wardrobe than you do.