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The first time I ever heard of Campo de’ Fiori was on travel guru Rick Steves segment called ‘Baroque After Dark.’

That was when I didn’t know the difference between Piazza Navona and Campo de’ Fiori.

Both lovely places however it’s usually a bit of a walk to get to either one.

When trekking through the city streets of Rome, it’s important to remember that Rome was built on seven hills. As you walk down one of these hills, you are destined to walk up the next. It is unavoidable, tiring and unfortunately most difficult on those who are elderly or physically challenged.

At long last, we arrived at Campo de’ Fiori, which according to Wikipedia is Italian for ‘Field of Flowers’. It is so named because it was a flowering field during the Middle Ages.

No sooner do we arrive in the square when Frank heads towards the closest sidewalk cafe. He sits himself down and asks us if we want an expresso.

What he doesn’t know is that by this time, Jen and I are more than ready to do some shopping. You see, while we are walking from point to point passing shop window after shop window it was difficult to grab Frank’s attention when something caught our eye and seemed to invite us into the store. Of course, to venture in without letting him know risks getting lost.

Not worth it, as I have a negative sense of direction.

I believe that’s why he tends to walk so fast. By the time he realizes that we’re trying to get his attention, we have already travelled the length of a street block, going back at this point seems mute.

Hence, no money spent.

Frank has thus been successful in saving a bit of money.

But he would not be so fortunate here at Campo de’ Fiori.

We could sense it.


There was a piazza full of windows to admire, and potential shopping to be done.

Frank waved us away towards the shops, and told us to go look around and that he would wait for us.

Fortunately, he found a nice sunny spot that would keep him warm despite the cooler temperature. The weather seemed to be in our favour as it wasn’t raining at that particular moment.

And so, off Jen and I went…

We proceeded to walk down the length of one side of the square then turned to the next. Occasionally, we would pop into the store just for a quick look-see.

However, no matter where we went, we could feel Frank’s eyes following us.

Was he lonely?

Worried about us?

Concerned about how much we were going to spend?

Jen and I quickly ducked into a tiny shop to escape his gaze…

Or so we thought…

After all, we were just window shopping…

Or so he thought…