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At first glance upon walking into this restaurant you’ll see a television perched up near the ceiling in a far corner to your left.

The Rockford Files is on and if course, it’s in Italian.

The walls are sporadically decorated with black and white photos, one of which is of Sophia Loren.

My favourite picture is the one where she is holding up a forkful of spaghetti.

It would give me a great deal of satisfaction if I knew that she had stuffed it unceremoniously into her mouth,

…like I do,

…but somehow I doubt it.

The tables and chairs seem like leftovers from the sixties.

So do the plastic menus.

Down the wall to your immediate right is a buffet style counter that stretches down the length of the wall. It doesn’t look like much when you first enter the door.

As you approach this counter to get a closer look, your eyes begin to dance as they focus in on the offered entrees.

The spartan furniture and muted walls are immediately forgotten.

Instead, all you can do is stare at the fine arrays of grilled vegetables in greens, reds, and golds….

Then there’s the lasagne…



Herb encrusted chicken…

And my personal favourite…

Eggplant smothered in oozy cheesy goodness.

Once you start filling your plate…

…you can’t stop.

And to wash it all down the house wine is served by the pitcher full, crisp, cold and white.

If you find yourself in Rome, look up Cesar Ristorante Pizzeria on Via Venizia.

Tell them Doris sent you.

It’s worth the plane fare.

Trust me.