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They say that all roads lead to Rome…

But once you’ve entered the city gates you are definitely on your own.

Or so we learned…

On the three hour bus drive back to Rome, everyone was understandably weary, wet, and worn.

We had learned from our previous trip that it is part of the bus tour’s responsibility to get you back to your hotel.

Even so, the last time we had done this, it did not turn out well.

Our previous hotel was the Comfort Inn Bolivar and it was nestled into a side street so tight that it was difficult even for a normal sized car to pull up to the front door, let alone a full sized bus. Hence, when we were dropped off, we still had a ten minute walk to reach the hotel. Problem was that it was pouring rain. But it was a warm September night, so we only got wet, and not cold and wet.

Fast forward to four years later:

Our bus had arrived back in Rome, and started dropping our fellow tour mates two by two at their respective hotels.

Frank and I became a little dubious as the passengers dwindled and we were still no where near our hotel.

Eventually, the three of us were told that the bus is not allowed to go to that part of Rome at that late hour.

Hmmm… It seemed a bit strange because the hotel was located on a very busy street.

However, who were we to argue.

We were dropped off at a street corner and told our hotel was about three blocks ahead.

However, after four blocks we were hopelessly lost, and not very happy about it.

It was dark out now, and we were strangers in a strange land.

We recognized no familiar landmarks, and could gain no sense of direction.

Eventually we waved down a cab.

Once we were settled into the cab, we handed the cab driver the hotel’s business card and we were off.

It didn’t take long for us to realize that there was something eerily different about the cab.

Wait a minute, what’s that music we’re listening too?

…Celtic Music?

I had a sensation of hovering in between two very different worlds as the cabbie wound us back through the streets of Rome while listening to the likes of Danny Boy.

It was surreal to say the least.

No one said a word until we arrived back at our hotel.

We were just way too confused.