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A Mail Bike

Even though I have been to Naples twice, I don’t believe that I actually had the pleasure of meeting someone from Naples during my travels.

However, I do believe that they are proud people, who work hard and are very resourceful.

I come across this knowledge about them quite simply.

I observed.

As we drove through and around Naples, I was for some reason very intrigued by all the laundry that I saw hanging out to dry. There was laundry hanging off of almost every balcony, and even drying laundry strung across windows, strewn across fences, terraces and patios.

But it was all the laundry that I saw hanging from the high rise apartment balconies that caught my eye… And Naples has a lot of apartment buildings. One after the other, balcony railings full of colourful arrays of drying laundry.

Now, I’ve lived in Toronto in the past, as well as driven through it on the QEW and 401 highways.

You would be hard pressed to see laundry hanging from any balcony, let alone fences and windows.

So what makes them so different from us?


I have no trouble at all confessing to you that whenever my washer or dryer breaks down, I immediately burst into tears.

No word of a lie…

You can ask my family.

Tell me that I am to live without either one, and my world as I know it, crumbles into ruin.

In other words, I am overly attached to these two appliances, and the thought of manually washing and drying blue jeans is unthinkable.

Does this make me a lesser person than my Italian counterpart?


Does it make me lazier?


I wonder if I were to count all the electrical appliances, gadgets, computers and entertainments devices in my home what the ratio would be to a typical family living in Naples.

I probably have more Apple phone chargers than the average apartment has appliances.

Now let’s take this one step further….

Italians believe in home cooking.

For the most part, there is no such thing as picking up a bucket of chicken, or a burger and fries on your way home from work.

It’s all about fresh ingredients and your handed down family recipes.


With all that being said, if someone told me that I had a chance to live in Italy and change my lifestyle for theirs…

I would pack my bags tomorrow.

Call me crazy…

But if there is one thing I’ve learned from my travels to Italy…

There’s more to life than appliances, fast food, cell phones and apple chargers.

There’s a greater joy to be found in good food, good company, good conversation, and even fresh smelling sun dried clothes…

And most important of all…