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When we first visited Pompeii in September 2008, we knew what to expect: ruins archeological digs and a great deal of ancient history.

What we did not expect was meeting the dogs of Pompeii.

At that time there were about fifty dogs making the ancient ruins their home.

I imagine that most of them had been abandoned by their owners, perhaps the odd stray.

From what I could ascertain, the dogs seemed to survive on the kindness of the tourists who arrive in abundance on a daily basis.

The dogs we saw were obviously taken care of. They looked clean, fed and healthy.

They also seemed to be curiously good natured. They would approach passers by for a pat or make themselves comfortable on a sunny patch of ground. There were places, especially near the food vendors where you had to be very careful where you stepped lest you disturb a sleeping dog.

It is possible to adopt one of these dogs if the necessary forms are filled out and all the criteria met.

On our return in November 2012, it was much colder and wetter. We only saw one dog who was in search of a meal.

It wasn’t long before one of the vendors had procured a plate of leftovers, which suited the dog quite well.

I’m very grateful to anyone who gives comfort and aid to any creature in need.

And so…

Thank you to the kind people who have taken the time and money to tend to the care of the dogs of Pompeii.