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It is death and tragedy that has made Pompeii what it is.

Further, it’s really difficult to try and imagine what happened here.

But every now and again, something wondrous captures your eye, and it’s like the world that once was here two thousand years ago whispering into your ear. You just have to be willing to time travel, if only for a millisecond or two.


There are roads, houses, restaurants, brothels, stores in various stages of restoration….

Otherwise it truly is an apocalyptic scene.

And you’ll never guess what we found sitting along one of the ancient roads among the ruins…

An Italian version of a 7-11.

No word of a lie.

It had a lunch counter and modern bathroom facilities.


As I stood outside in the continuous drizzling rain, I tried to reconcile this convenience store into it’s Pompeiian surroundings.

And do you know what?

I just couldn’t do it.

The fact that this store was there at all was all wrong.

Just wrong.

End of story.