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When it comes to seeing the Vatican, I wish I could make this pretty for you but I can’t.

You are a single person in a tour group of let’s say fifteen. And then you in the midst of at least a hundred other tour groups jostling for position, trying to be heard above each other and under constant scrutiny of the Vatican security and police.

You will be given a little earpiece set through which you’ll be able to hear yours tour guide…

…Or not.

More on that later.

You must pack your patience and stow away your temper and concentrate on letting your eyes take over to take in all the profusion of exemplary art, the likes of which you may never see again.

You are, after all…

Inside the Vatican Museum.

One of the first points of interest you will be taken in a replica PowerPoint painting of the Sistine Chapel. There about forty minutes, whether you want to be or not, you will be in a classroom like setting to be indoctrinated into the significance of every aspect of Michelangelo’s masterpiece, “The Last Judgement.”

Panel by panel,…
Saint by Saint…
And character by character.

The best part of this induction into Michelangelo was that it gave me and Frank a chance to sit down, something altogether rare in a walking tour.

Was it understandable, sort of, was it tedious a bit, but on the other hand, it was a great opportunity to catch your breath and marvel where you are, in the Vatican getting schooled on one the true masters of the renaissance.

We saw thousand of statuses, hundreds of ancient tapestries.

It’s almost too much to take in all at once…

The marble, the gold, the plush velvet, the ancient oil paintings.

The first time we visited the Vatican it was a hot September day. The air quality was poor, and I am amazed that everyone was able to stay on their feet in spite of the hot and overcrowded conditions.

The second time we were there is was a rainy December day. There were fewer people, and the air was easier to breathe, but we were wet and shaking off the rain like soaked puppies

Still, we all were determined to make the best of it.

I was quite overwhelmed, especially when my eye found themselves resting on a Leonardo da Vinci painting of an old man.

I actually saw a real Da Vinci painting…


That’s one item I can strike off my bucket list!

The Sistine Chapel was the next….

That will be tomorrow’s blog post!