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There is always that inevitable moment when on holidays, that one runs out of clean shirts, socks, underwear.

It is at that time when you must then resort to drastic measures and….

Wash things out by hand.

Now, this may well be a lost art, because I know that my parents did this during my childhood, and being a knitter, most woollens must be hand washed, but I have yet to witness anyone doing this in these modern times.

Personally, I have no qualms about rinsing things out in the sink. Provided that I have a place to discreetly hang them as they dry.

On our last rip to Italy, we were blessed by having a bidet alongside the toilet. I found this an excellent place to wash things out. On this trip however, I was not so lucky.

And boy, does it ever take a long time for some things to dry.

Someone mentioned to me once, that the Tilley brand of clothes have been designed to dry overnight.

This has made me think about becoming their biggest customer, but I have yet to procure a catalogue.

(Santa, are you paying attention?)

Alas, while we were in Italy, the rain and humidity was so high that it took some shirts over three days to dry. Underwear took only two.

The hotel room did provide a clothesline inside the shower stall, however it was frail to the point of being useless. So what I did was place towels over the suitcases under Jen’s bed and arrange the drying underthings where they would be out of sight and mind until needed.

As for detergent, that’s where the complimentary shampoos come in. If I need fabric softener for the woollens, a spot of hair conditioner does the trick very nicely.

Of course there comes the time, when you only have a day or two before the end of your stay, when some are tempted just to go ahead and wear those pants for the second time.

Not me.

I always seem to have enough pants and sweaters to see me through to the end of my journey.

Which is why I will never, ever be one to pack lightly.