Well, imagine this if you can…

It is a hot September day in Rome. The sun beats down on the throngs of noisy people as they jostle for positon along a glistening pool that holds the world’s most famous fountain.

And there I am.

And yet, it is not the fountain that has captured my attention.

It is a vision of a singular pidgeon who has settled atop a small island of stone just above the cascading waters edge.

With head tucked under wing, it dozes blissfully unaware of the noisy chattering crowds, the gushing fountain, the smells, warm breezes, and hot sun.

Refusing to succomb to the Trevi madness, this bird has decided to follow it’s own bliss.

After some time, I walked away from the fountain, now content in the knowledge that if this winged creature can find bliss in a mad and frantic world of people, noise and chaos…

Then so can I.