After leaving the Trevi fountain, we wandered back the way we came and passed by an all too familiar shop…

One where we can find a bottle of Jack Daniels for Frank, and choose from a delicious array of limoncello for me and Jen.

It took less than 5 seconds… And I mean LESS than five seconds for one of the lovely ladies in the store to offer us a taste sample of limoncello. Having been a personal friend of this exquisite liquor for over half a decade I needed no introduction and was about to turn her down her kind offer when Frank gave me a prodding…

“Oh … Go ahead.”

That was all I needed to accept the offering and give it a sip. It was surprisingly cool and tasty.

However the girls in the shop had a keen sense of salesmanship and had more samples at the ready.

It was only 11:30 a.m.

Awww heck… This was Rome. And we all know how the saying goes:

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do…”

Well, no sooner had I drained the half ounce of lemony sunshine than we were being offered a creamsicle coloured liquid. For this, I thought it appropriate to cleanse the palate with a small swig of bottled water, which thankfully was quickly retrieved from my purse.

That being done, I turned my thoughts to the mini glass now being offered.

“Melone” the girl said without even being asked.

Jennifer raised her glass, and in an instant drained the liquid.

“Cantalope” was Jen responded.

Surprisingly, it was then that husband Frank also accepted the melon liquor with a smile.

After downing his sample, his face beamed with a smile as he gushed… “Different!”

I think it was about that time when she knew that she had me bagged because her third offering was that of chocolate liquor which brought back memories of a childhood favourite, chocolate Popsicles.

My following words were…

“Due bottaglia per favore,”

which in English translates to: “I’ll take two bottles.”

Which two would have you picked?

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