Those of my readers who I am fortunate enough to know personally, are fully aware that no subject matter is immune from a Segway into Doctor Who.

For those of you not familiar with Doctor Who, this is a BBC television series about a time traveller and a Police Box time travelling machine called a Tardis. And Stone Angels are dangerous creatures that only move when you’re not looking at them. One blink, and *** POOF*** you’ve been transported into another place… another time.

Here is my story:

At long last, my husband Frank, daughter Jen, and I were approaching the infamous Trevi Fountain for the first time on this trip. My daughter had never seen it before, and I was very excited for her to finally experience it’s magnificent beauty up close.

Before I ever came to Rome, travel guru Rick Steves had pointed out in his series on Rome, that you can hear the Trevi Fountain long before you can even see it.

This is very true.

And so, as we drew near the fountain, I pointed out the sound of the rushing waters to Jen, and told her that we were only a few moments away.

At last, the moment came when the Trevi Fountain was finally and clearly within view.

It was then that I turned to my daughter to see her expression as she viewed the magnificent Trevi Fountain for the first time….

Only she wasn’t there.

She had disappeared.

Where did she go?

She was already halfway down a block to my left, staring at an enormous Stone Angel that loomed only several feet away from her…

You see…

Stone Angels are totally in charge of Rome.

They are everywhere…

On fountains, buildings, bridges, street corners, churches, walls…

Jen and I discussed doing an E-book featuring the Stone Angels of Rome.

We documented as many as we could. But there are no doubt at least a hundred thousand Stone Angels within the walls of Rome. Most likely more.

During our twelve days in Rome, Jen and I were able to photograph several hundred Stone Angels.

The only thing stopping us from continuing this project is whether or not Doctor Who writer and producer, Steven Moffat has copyrighted the term ‘Stone Angels’ and Stone Angels themselves.

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.

You see, in the words of the Great Gandalf himself:

“His arm has grown long indeed.”

Steven Moffat’s arm that is.

I know this to be true because no sooner does a knock-off Doctor Who jewelry item, purse, Tardis, or even alas, knitting pattern go on sale on eBay, Kijiji, or Etsy when it is almost immediately removed thanks to Mr. Moffat’s solicitors.

What do you think?

No doubt, the time energy from all these stone angels is creating a temporal vortex which would prevent the Doctor from ever landing the Tardis inside Rome.

But there are signs that he has indeed visited Rome at least once.

But we’ll save those stories for another time… another place.

P.S. #DontBlink #FishFingersAndCustard