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As I began to prepare to write this blog, I opened up my Tardis Blue River Song Journal, (that Jen had ordered online, one for each of us, and handmade in Italy no less…) and found the itinerary that Frank had printed up for me several weeks before we left for Rome.

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Doctor Who’s River Song Tardis Journal

This peice of paper has served me well, but is now wrinkled and torn at the edges.

I cannot tell you how many rain storms it survived including travelling the 14,500 kilometers to Rome and back.

Here is the information this precious piece of paper carried:


Sunday Nov 25 2012: Depart Toronto

Monday Nov 26 2012: Rome (11am) Hotel Solis

Afternoon-Wander: Trevi Pantheon Piazza Navonna

Tuesday Nov 27 2012: Campodolio Island on the Tiber

Campo de Fiori Filetti de Bacalla

Wednesday Nov 28 2012: 9:00am Tour of the Forum/Colliseum

(150 euros) Afternoon Free

Thursday Nov 29: Altar of Peace Castel Sant Angelo (8e)

Afternoon 1:00 pm: Vatican Tour (180e)

Friday Nov 30 2012: POMPEII – ALL DAY

Saturday Dec 1: Piazza del Popolo Spanish Steps Trevi

Sunday Dec 2 2012: Vatican – cab it Afternoon Free

Monday Dec 3 2012: Take Subway/train to Ostica & return

Tuesday Dec 4 2012: TRIP TO FLORENCE ALL DAY

Wednesday Dec 5 2012: Diocletian baths – Diagno’s for lunch

Church Santa Maria Della Vittoria



Friday Dec 7 2012: Pantheon

Saturday Dec 8 2012: Return Home

When Frank first handed me this itinerary, I could easily imagine the resulting fatigue.

I remembered how during the last trip, come early afternoon I began to feel overwhelmingly tired. I found this curious because I am not one to nap during the day. Frank is.

Travel host Rick Steves advises tourists that…

“Sleep is for when you are at home.”

And I quickly learned that my hotel bed will never be as comfortable as the one I left at home.

The most important thing to remember is to get out there and hit the streets as early and as long as possible.

And so, at 8:00 a.m. on our first full day in Rome…

…that’s exactly what we did.

All in all, to document, I used four forms of media to capture what I was seeing, what I was feeling, and whatever was going through my mind.

My Tardis Journal…

My Notebook…

My IPad…

And three different cameras.

Although documenting as much as possible was a high priority, there were times when my pen just did not make it to paper.

That’s when I was either too tired… too hungry… too emotional… having too much fun… or undergoing some unforeseen pain.

I still think I did a pretty good job capturing some pretty incredible moments.

And I hope you will think so too.


Frank and Jen making sure that I’m keeping up. The lovely Italian shop windows kept drawing me like a bee to honey…