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We all have dreams.

My dream was to travel and see the things that I only saw in books and on television.

When I was young, the first place that I thought I would travel given the chance would be Egypt.

Who does not dream of pyramids, the Nile, getting hands on with this ancient culture. I wanted to experience it for myself.

And then life happens.

We live through years and years of working, working, saving, working, working, and trying to build up a good line of credit while you’re at it.

Ah, but there are hurdles along the way as well: babies, children, family responsibilities, unplanned expenses, setbacks in health, education, mortgages, rent, taxes, and so on.

You get the picture.

Further, there is a certain fear factor when one travels abroad. There are literally hundreds of hoops you have to jump through to ensure cost effectiveness, safety, emergency planning, timing, while trying to include an element of fun and education.

Not so easy.

My first glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel was back in January 2008, when my husband said to me:

“I have an idea, and you know… it just might pan out.”

“Where?” I immediately responded.

After thirty years of married life together, you tend to always be on the same wedlock radio wavelength.

“Rome,” he answered.

I had to think for a moment…

Well… it wasn’t Egypt, but it was ancient, in Europe, and had incredible potential of endless adventuring.

Yes, I thought to myself…. Rome will do.

Rome, Italy will do just fine.

Photo above taken in front of Hotel Bolivar in Rome