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The photo that you see above is the journal that has not left my side for the past three months.

It accompanied me to Vermont, as a notebook for Doctor’s names, telephone numbers, things I had to do and people that needed to be remembered.

Even my coworkers are well familiar with this book. It was my companion at work each day with every break and lunch time to jot down notes and ideas as they came to mind.

Every page was assigned with a Post-it note that included a storyline.

After each and every page was full I had to start doubling and tripling the posted notes on each page. Some pages had as many as five or six Post-it notes. Multiply the Post-it notes by the number of pages in the book, (approximately 140) and you come up with a number of stories I had to choose from.

Well, today is the day that I publish my 60th post on Memories Of Mother, which will be the final one as well.

That is not to say that I will not continue to write about her from time to time.

Among the stories still not written:

Hurling day,
The best summer ever,
Love is,
Ti spacco la faccia ( I will break your face),

The list goes on.

Well, I don’t know the exact word count of the 60 posts but I figure that it should be around 35,000 words.

These posts will within the next few months be published as an e-book.

On another note, I did considered writing as the final chapter the days following Mother’s passing.

The dismantling of her apartment, the journey home, the packing and unpacking.

I’ve decided instead to save that for another time.

I feel the need to move on.

Instead, I wish to use this opportunity to express my thanks for all the telephone calls of concern, the emails, the Facebook posts, the flowers, the food, the kisses, hugs, tears and letters, the love, the sharing and the caring.

Out of respect for the privacy of all my friends and family I thought it best not to mention names in any of the posts. I hope you understand.

Each of you know who you are, what you said, what you did to encourage me, and sustain me through this life’s passage.

There is not one prayer, phone call, conversation, or ‘like’ on Facebook posts that went unnoticed.

I’m grateful for the love and friendship you have shown in the past three months.

Further, unending love, gratitude, and a thankful heart goes to my husband Frank who made my last journey to Vermont possible.

At the moment I received the phone call informing me of Mother’s critical condition he began planning and coordinating every step, every detail that helped everything fall into place.  Still… he is dealing with details and helping me to move on.

Loving thanks to my Daughters who helped keep me rooted with love and compassion by being strong when I could not be.

Finally, to my Mother’s Best Friend, and she knows who she is:

I will never forget your kindness, your help, your guidance. I simply cannot thank you enough for all you did. I think of you every day and thank God you were there for me.

Tomorrow I begin on a new writing project.

My heart is at last content and at peace.

Love to all…