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There were two phrases that I never wanted to hear my Mother say:

“C’est sera sera” was one of them, and…

“Beauty must suffer,” was the other.

When I would complain about the horrible smell of the Toni perm she was giving me, she would tell me:

“Beauty must suffer…”

Oh, the hours she spent hours rolling my long and stubborn straight hair up into those infernal pink and blue clips.

You can’t imagine how annoyed she would be when the very next day, my hair was totally straight again.

I don’t know how many times she tried to perm my hair before she finally gave up.

She also said:

“Beauty must suffer…”

When she was brushing my hair and putting it into tight ponytails.

Again she quoted:

“Beauty must suffer…” as I tried on my first bra, got my ears pierced and when she tried to teach me how to put in my contact lenses.

And now my dear Mother is gone.

All I have left of her are thousands of pictures to remind me how truly lovely she was.

I can’t even begin to imagine how much she must have suffered to become so beautiful…