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You may not know this but my mother was quite adept at embroidery.

This fact, still surprises me every time I think about it.

Tablecloths were her speciality, especially Christmas ones.

I remember when I was very young she gave my paternal grandmother a beautiful tablecloth to embroider. My grandmother had gotten only one corner completed before she passed away. My grandfather give it back to me to finish.

That was back in 1976,  38 years ago. And there’s yet still one corner of the tablecloth for me to do.

Several years back, Mother gave me some of her unfinished table cloths as well.  They are still in boxes.

No doubt we all have started projects that we never seem to be able to finish.

Just think…
our unfinished business…

What would we do without it?

I firmly believe that my Mother revelled in her unfinished business.

To me, unfinished business is that there is more to be done, somewhere somehow, at some time.

Come to think of it, Mother didn’t just revel in her unfinished business, it sustained her.

Several weeks ago, a close friend asked me…

“What made your Mother tick?

That was a very good question, and I gave it a lot of thought.

After she passed away we learned that Mother had far more unfinished business than what we had anticipated.

Further, as it turns out Mother was much sicker than any of us ever thought possible.

And so I ask the question:

Is it possible that it was unfinished business that motivated her and kept her on her feet for the last several months?

Did her unfinished business include the opportunity to talk to that loving friend just one more time?

To be able to take just one more holiday?

To watch a couple of more seasons of ‘Touched By An Angel’?

The chance to purchase that one last car?

Maybe just one more toy?

To be able to say I love you to that special loved one just once more?

I would say that’s a pretty good possibility.

And so…

I am therefore thankful…

…For the unfinished business that Mother refused to finish.

It gave us more time to be together.

I am also thankful for my own finished business…

Like my unfinished knitting and table cloths…

In fact, may there always be some unfinished business in our lives for you and me to kick around.