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The picture you see above is a photo of the postcard written by a good friend of mine from work.

There were many people who were good and kind enough to write out encouraging and well wishing postcards to my Mother after she received her cancer diagnosis.

Some messages are kept very simple.

Some very flattering.

Some were very silly.

And some were very funny.

All were sincere.

The card you see above I found especially touching.

Not only does he offer encouraging words to my Mother, he also refers very lovingly to his own. Never before have I known anyone who has written about their own Mother so fondly, tenderly, and with reverence.

It warmed my heart the first time I read it.

It warmed my heart when I received the postcard back right after losing Mother.

And it still warms my heart as I reminisce about her.

The postcard on the opposite side shows photographs of Montreal City… Hence the reference: “Greetings from Montreal

For those of you who can’t quite make out the handwriting my friend wrote:


“Hello Grrr!

And greetings from Montreal!

I hope this card finds you in good spirits.

Doris told me of some health issues you’ve been having.

Know that we are pulling for you, and that in addition I have asked my Mother to pray for you.

Gerda, God really likes my Mom, so expect good things to start happening soon!!!

So until next time, keep a good thought and we’ll talk soon!

Lots of love…”


(Grrr was my Mother’s nickname, derived from her real name Gerda)