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The events and characters depicted in this story are true….

And the story is about the day that my Mother, her Brother and Sister encountered an Angel.

There is no doubt in my mind that this story is real.

I really believe that it happened.

First of all, I believe it because my Mother was never one to exaggerate, embellish, or tell tall tales.

She was pretty much stuck on the truth.

Secondly, Mother was never a particularly spiritual or religious person until her later years.

As a youngster, she was a bit of a rebel.

Seeing as her father was a Baptist minister and missionary, well…

…let’s just say that she was a bit of a nonconformist when it came to prayer and worship.

And now, on to our story:


Many many years ago…

In a country far far away…

It was early evening in the Scherer household.

The day had not gone well for the family, and the Father had sent his disobedient children to bed early.

My Uncle, Aunt and Mother all shared the same bedroom.

It was dusk time and the sun had almost set.

The Brother and two Sisters were in their own respective bedroom corners, quiet and reflective over the events that had led to them being sent to bed early.

The parents were in their own bedroom down the hall, presumably on their knees, praying that God would grant them more well behaved children.

My Mother was sitting on a ledge by the bay window when she spotted an unusual phenomenon coming down the sidewalk towards the house.

As it came to their front gate the unusual triangle of light suddenly stopped.

It stood approximately four feet high and hovered one foot off the ground.

Suddenly, the phenomenon disappeared right before her very eyes.

Simultaneously, their kitchen across the hall became suddenly bright.

Leaving the kitchen the glowing entity crossed through the hallway and ¬†entered the children’s bedroom.

After a few moments of silence, the glowing phenomenon then instructed the children to sing a popular children’s hymn called “Gott ist die Liebe.”

This was a German children’s song very similar to “Jesus Loves Me” but with a different melody.

The children began to sing the song as they had been instructed to.

After they had been singing for about a minute the light suddenly vanished.

The glowing triangle was gone.

And the children continued to sing.

As they sang, their father suddenly came into the bedroom.

“What are you doing?” he asked them?

Almost in unison, they replied…

“Singing. “

My grandfather then paused for moment, thought for a few more seconds, and then without another word, turned around and returned to his bedroom.

Nothing more was said…

By anyone to anyone.


According to Mother, the story ended like this:


To the entire family’s surprise…

The three young children became respectful and well behaved.

There was peace in the Scherer valley for wonderfully long time.

The End.