My mother was never one to impose a bedtime.  Further, she was never one to drag me out bed on the weekend when I felt the need to sleep in.

However, there were three distinct times that she insisted that I wake up and pay attention.

The first time was when the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Even from that young age, I instinctively knew that the Beatles music would always be one of the never-ending  soundtracks of my life.

The second time was when we were flying high over the Atlantic Ocean on our way to to visit my Grandparents in Germany in 1965 when I was five years old.

She put me on her knee and showed me the sunrise on the right side of the horizon, and to the left, the world still covered in darkness.  And when you ran your eyes from the left side of the horizon  to the right side, you could see the curvature of the earth.

That, I believe was my very first science lesson.

The third time she woke me was so that I could watch astronaut Neil Armstrong take his first steps on the moon. Now truly, anyone would agree that witnessing this live, was far more important than sleep.

Now, I’m not sure if I ever thanked her for those lessons, however

…I’m grateful for them.

(Picture taken with my parents, Toronto 1965 on Glencairn Drive… These buildings were torn down shortly afterward to make way for the Glencairn Subway Station. This was about the same time Mother and I flew to Germany to visit my Grandparents. I have many fond memories of that VW)