Through the days, weeks and months of 2013, I gleefully continued to write postcards to Mother at the rate of four to six times a week.

Sometimes more, sometimes less.

If I couldn’t think of anything to write about, I would ask friends, family and coworkers to write a few words for her.

I happily supplied the postcards and the postage.

My friends came up with some wonderful ideas and funny things to write to her about.

Mother loved it!

Every night, when she called I asked her if she had checked her mail that day.

There were some days when she found a postcard in her mailbox.

There were some days when she found no postcard in her mailbox.

There were the days when she found lots of postcards and her mailbox.

And then, there were the days did not have the strength to go down to check her mailbox.

Of course I could not blame Mother for not getting the mail on the days that she was feeling unwell.

Nor could I hold any grudges against the US Postal Service for delivering multitudes of cards all at once.

This postcard a day project was turning into object lesson.

You know the kind.

These lessons present themselves to you as you go through life day by day….

From this particular lesson I learned the following:

When it comes to endeavours, including those with good intentions…

You’ve got to expect a curve ball from time to time.


I kept mailing her more and more postcards…