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Well, it happened like this:

My Mother, Grandmother, both my daughters, husband Frank and myself were on holidays in Houston Texas.

We were very excited that day because we had decided to visit the Johnson Space Centre, the nerve centre of NASA.

It was a very warm day as we all piled in the car.

Frank was our designated driver.

It was while we were on the beltway in Galveston that Frank saw the flashing lights in his rearview mirror.

He obligingly pulled over.

A young, tall, lanky Texan police officer wearing the typical stetson style state trooper hat emerged from the police car and began heading towards us.

Not one of us, not even my six year old daughter moved a muscle, spoke a word, nor batted an eyelash.

We just fearfully stared straight ahead.

The Texas ranger asked Frank to step out of the car.

My first thought was that I was never going to see my husband alive again.

The Ranger walked Frank over to the side of the road, out of harms way and directed him to stand next to the passenger side door, where my Mother was seated next to my six year old daughter Aria.

Frank and the Texas Ranger began to speak in low tones.

Every thirty seconds the Texas Ranger would turn his head to one side to spit out the chewing tobacco he was working on.

You get the picture….

Frank explained that were were just returning from a family trip to the Johnson Space Centre and we were now headed for the Galveston Beaches.

I could hear Frank begin to apologize for driving 57 in a 55 mile per hour zone, but with all the noise in the car he had experienced a moment’s distraction and temporarily veered from the speed limit.

It was then that the Texas Ranger asked Mother to roll down her window, and since I was sitting on the passenger side in the back seat, I was asked to do the same.

We immediately rolled down our windows.

The Ranger looked at Mother and our daughter sitting next to her.

Then stepping towards the back door, he looked through the open back window.

What he saw was me sitting next to my eleven year old daughter Jennifer, who was sitting next to my seventy-five year old Grandmother.

Frank in turn, introduced each of us to the Ranger one by one.

We all tried to smiled as we waved back to him.

The Texas Ranger’s sunglasses gleamed with the hot sun’s reflection, as his face remained emotionless.

As he turned back towards Frank he let out another stream of tobacco.

What we saw next, took us all completely by surprise….

The Texas Ranger raised his arm and gave Frank a sympathetic pat on his shoulder.

“Get outta here…” the Ranger then said as he returned to his police car as the lights continued to flash.

He was still sadly shaking his head as he disappeared inside his vehicle.

(Photo above is Mother and my Grandmother later that day walking along the Galveston coast.)