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It was Sunday, May 11.

Mother’s Day.

Frank and I were up by six, and lingered over coffees till seven.

We left the apartment at 8 o’clock and headed out for breakfast.

After breakfast we kissed each other goodbye before I left to go see Mother and Frank began his eight hour drive back home.

Suddenly, I felt very alone.

But there was no time for that. There was work to be done.

I arrived at the Respite house at 9:30 found Mother in bed and somewhat restless. She seemed content however.

After wishing her a happy Mother’s Day I gave her a big hug and a kiss.
Then, I sat myself down to take a good long look at her.

I detected the beginnings of a wheeze in her breathing and her colour was paler than it had been yesterday.

Not a good sign.

Every now and again the ambient noises coming from the hallway and the kitchen seemed to confused her.

I wondered if there was any way to drown out those noises.

Walking over to the television set, I turned it on and flipped through the stations until I found the weather channel.


On better days my mother had been borderline obsessive-compulsive when it came to the weather. It occurs to me now that might be because the weather was something she could not control.

Well, if she couldn’t control the weather she was damn well going to know what weather was going to be where and why.

She had subscribed to a special computer network that would download up-to-the-minute weather conditions around the world directly from a satellite. She knew what the weather was going to be before the local Vermont television weatherman did.

I swear she logged into it and check the weather every hour.

If I had travel plans to come and visit her and bad weather was being forecasted, Mother worried to no end.

Time and again I asked her not to worry. But did she listen?


She was always afraid that I would have to spend the night at an airport waiting for my connection.

This of course is always a possibility, but wouldn’t be a biggie to me.

I find airports comfortable and safe. I would just get out my knitting needles, yarn, and proceeded to zone out.

I’m good at that.

And so, after setting the television to the weather channel I noticed Mother settling down and was finally able to relax.

Before I knew it she was having a morning nap.

Thank you Mr. Weatherman!